In 2020, Eolink is increasing its workforce to bring together 15 engineers. The company carries out the design, drives the deployment of prototype machines and anticipates massive industrialization. Gathered around its director and founder Marc GUYOT, the teams work in an open-ended way to increase its efficiency.

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Marc Guyot, has a Master’s of engineering from ENSEM (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Electricité et de Mécanique). He started his career as an automotive engine engineer for Renault. In 2013, after obtaining with honours a post master degree at ENSTA Bretagne, he joined France Energies Marines to lead the offshore wind department. In 2014, Marc opened the 1st edition of the international FOWT fair, introducing the technological issues and the economic metrics of floating wind. His learnings and knowledges in the renewable energy field leads him to innovate a new floating wind turbine called Eolink. Marc is founder and CEO at Eolink.

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Alain Morry has been working for nearly 20 years in the energy sector. He joined Eolink on October, 1st 2021 and he is responsible for strategy, development and communication.

Alain previously occupied different positions within ENGIE group covering the entire project life cycle from origination to operation. He has extensive experience in development of large international projects in competitive environment. He notably actively contributed to 1GW award of offshore wind projects to ENGIE (previously GDF SUEZ) at the French Round 2.

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Frédéric Cordelle, is the most experimented among Eolink team. Graduate of France's École Polytechnique engineering school, he worked for 25 years in the naval construction for EMH, ECA or DCN, especially in single point mooring systems. Being a wind farm owner, he advises the company on business development and law. Frédéric is in charge of the Bureau Veritas certification of the floating wind turbine.

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Global Modelling

Clotilde Nove-Josserand, started her career in nuclear plant design for EDF. Doctor in fluid mechanics from Paris Diderot and having researched at Polytechnique France, she wrote two scientific publications about wave energy absorption and another concerning the effect of current on wind wave generation. At Eolink, Clotilde is head of global modelling, benefiting from her deep knowledge on structure behaviour at sea.

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Electrical Equipments

Gérard Le Bihan is a multi-field engineer from ENSEM Nancy. Gérard has extensive offshore skills on logistics and fleet management, information management, oceanography and marine operations. His experience at ECN, in the SEM-REV test site, gives him a good understanding of grid connection and electric layout. Gérard worked on the 1:10th prototype’s IT and is now head of telecommunication and electrical engineering at Eolink.

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Control Command

Frédéric Lippens is highly qualified in control command. His 15 years long career in the French Institute of Petroleum, new energy service (IFP-EN), provided him with a strong understanding on energy and servo control. Frederic and his team are in charge of developing the adapted control command of Eolink floating wind turbine.

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Aymeric Barrier graduated in mechanical engineering and has been working in marine renewables for 10 years. He was in charge of the rotor design of the OpenHydro tidal turbines. Aymeric is head of the structural team at Eolink. He works on the float structural definition as well as the pivot buoy design and the turbine structure adaptation.

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Modelling & Marine operations

Thierry Begot has been working in the offshore industry for more than 10 years. He started his career at Boskalis as a hydrographic surveyor and also worked for FUGRO on positioned vessel projects. Based on his high competencies and experience, Thierry is in charge of the marine operations and the subsea parts dimensioning, at Eolink.

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Business Development

David Bronsard, studied  mechanical and control command engineering at INSA and has a Msc in innovation and entrepreunership. David works on the marketing strategy for Eolink, focusing on private equity raise and public subsidies.