The Eolink product is technology-driven. The company targets the best in class LCOE for floating wind turbines. This philosophy brought the company to follow a step by step demonstration of its product. The progressive demonstration is a warrantee of Eolink's advanced technology quality.

  • 2013: The concept was born and patented worldwide.
  • 2015: A 1:50th tank test assessed the technology assuming a 12 MW wind turbine.
  • 2016: Marc Guyot founded Eolink to develop an eponymous disruptive floating wind turbine.
    • 2017: First fund raising, 1 M€ of private equity.
  • 2018: The 1:10th prototype of the same 12 MW model, provided information on the dynamic behaviour in real sea.
  • 2020: The company has performed the detailed design of a market-ready 5 MW wind turbine, supported by the French government. With the 5 MW wind turbine, Eolink will asses the structural stresses in order to check the feasibility of 15 MW turbines.
    • 2020: Second fund raising, 1.2 M€ of public and private equity.