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The Company

Eolink was founded in 2016 by Marc Guyot a former Renault engine engineer who patented Eolink floating wind turbine concept.

The company is developing one of the most disruptive renewable energy sources. People at Eolink are gathered around the unique opportunity to produce massively, locally and affordably green energy.
Based on a highly qualified team, Eolink focuses on experimental milestones to demonstrate its advantages. The company is based in Plouzané (Brittany, France) and stands on the local know-how. The potential of the Brest region will allow it to industrialize its project while interacting with partners in Europe and around the world.




The story of Eolink begins in 2013 with a promising patent

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“Produce massive, local and affordable green energy”

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A team of 20 high skilled engineers.               

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