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May 30th, 2022

ACCIONA ENERGÍA takes leading stake in EOLINK

ACCIONA Energía has acquired 24% of the capital of the French company Eolink, which specializes in the development of floating foundations for offshore wind energy, thus becoming a main shareholder.

The operation, subject to certain conditions, follows a financing round launched by the French startup to boost its floating offshore wind technology and take forward the maturation of its first 5MW unit as a commercial technology.

ACCIONA Energía's entry into the capital of Eolink will strengthen the startup’s financial structure for its development in the short and medium term.


May 13th, 2022

Eolink 5 MW floating wind turbine gets Design Evaluation Conformity Statement by Bureau Veritas

Eolink has been granted Design Evaluation Conformity Statement by Bureau Veritas (BV), a leader in testing, inspection, and certification, for its 5MW pre-commercial unit to be implemented at SEM-REV test site in France.

The scope of the evaluation includes: the design basis and design evaluation, with an assessment of the integrated load analysis methodology. The assessment is made against BV NI572, which provides specific guidance and recommendations for the classification and certification of floating offshore wind turbines. The floating structure, its single point station keeping system and the primary and secondary steel have been evaluated. The certification also covers the impact of temporary phases (transportation and installation) on the design.

Receiving the Bureau Veritas independent approval is an important milestone for the development of the Eolink technology. It is the result of a fruitful collaboration over two years with BV. This certification is a requirement for the final investment decision of our pre-commercial floating wind turbine” Eolink 

The decarbonization of electricity production is essential to manage the global warming. Derisking new technologies and supporting the development of Floating Wind Turbine is essential in that endeavor. We are pleased to support Eolink in their global and proactive approach in FOWT system design to help answer key industry challenges. Our fruitful collaboration during the certification process, and in particular during the independent modelling, led to an efficient and thorough verification of the floating substructure and its mooring system. We are looking forward to the next stage of their project" commented Laurent Leblanc, Senior Vice President Technical & Operations at Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore.


December 14th, 2020

5 MW FOWT demonstrator to be tested at Centrale Nantes' SEM-REV offshore test site

On December 3rd, Eolink and Centrale Nantes formally agreed to install a 5MW floating wind turbine at the SEMREV test site, off the coast of Le Croisic in France. Since hosting a 2MW floating wind turbine in 2018, Centrale Nantes is pushing ahead and is set to welcome Eolink shortly.

"Clean and economical energy production is within reach. Step by step, EOLINK is developing a simple and straightforward solution", Marc Guyot, CEO of Eolink.

In order to minimize development time and the associated risks, Eolink called upon Centrale Nantes whose SEM-REV test site is already connected to the national power grid by an underwater power cable, which is unique on the market today. An upgrade of the electrical network is also planned next year to accommodate this new turbine. The harsh wind and wave conditions at the SEM-REV site are ideal to fully test Eolink's floating wind turbine.

"With its offshore test site and advanced research on Marine Renewable Energies, Centrale Nantes confirms its position as an academic leader in the development of a new industrial sector in France", Jean-Baptiste Avrillier, Director of Centrale Nantes.


20 May 2020

EOLINK unveils its 5 MW FOWT demonstrator

EOLINK pursues the scaling methodology already deployed at 1/10th. Here, the 5 MW demonstrator represents a 12 MW FOWT at 3/4th scale, or even a 16 MW at 2/3rd. Extensive stress monitoring will enable structural assessment of larger turbines.

EOLINK points out that floating provides the unique opportunity to upscale turbines without any vibration or structural issues. The company expects to bring LCOE down to 35 €/MWh by 2030.

EOLINK 5 MW FOWT is compliant with several Mediterranean and Atlantic test-sites. Bureau Veritas has been contracted to assess the FOWT design.


April 22, 2020

FOWT 2020

Eolink participate at the FOWT 2020 in September


February 23, 2020


Eolink was recommended for support packages under the 2nd call by the Ocean DEMO Selection Board:

April 26, 2019

April 19, 2018


Eolink installs the first French floating wind turbine, a 1:10th scale prototype in St Anne close to Brest.