Eolink provides a cost-efficient solutionthanks to a careful step by step demonstration. After the 5 MW pre-commercial demonstrator is commissionned, Eolink will be able to work on a more powerful 13 MW floating wind turbine in view of building a 40 MW wind farm, starting in 2023. These new machines will use available components to minimize infrastructure investment and to quickly set up floating wind turbine. Particularly, the generator is an adaptation of existing 10-13 MW direct drive wind turbines.

Construction uses cutting, assembling and welding facilities taht are widely available in ship construction. Commissioning relies on light towing vessels used for merchant ships.  

In a nutshell a 40 MW farm can be manufactured with ease in any shipyard round the world.

Brest - MRE Terminal

Brest MRE Terminal

Brest, France is where the Eolink head office is situated. Brest is an interesting example of what “low investment” strategy could be. The example is based on the new marine renewable energy terminal. The 10 t/m² quay is adapted to storing Eolink floating wind turbine subassemblies. Once all elements are gathered, the existing 80 meters wide dry dock takes charge of up to 5 float assemblies, at the same time.

Then, the float can easily reach the turbine assembly dock via the 8 meters depth channel. This is made possible thanks to Eolink’s low draft (5 meters). There, a DEMAG crawler crane CC8800, which will be purchased in the final project, is used to set up the four masts and the turbine. Once fully assembled, the 250 meters high floating wind turbine is ready to be towed offshore. There is no height limitation, because the harbour of Brest is directly opened to the sea.